Monday, May 11, 2009

As usual, this last weekend had its share of unexpected events. Tiger woods went into black and red day tied for second only to fall to eighth as Henrik Stenson went on to win this years Player's Championship. Mercedes was let out of their contract and SBS will now be hosting the PGA year opener. It looks like it will be played at least on more season at the Plantation course (a must play if you are golfing in Maui). And here in sweet home Sacramento... I was paired with Steve and Dave. After their first two shots that both barely made it past the women's tee box, Eric (my usual golf buddy) and I just gave each other "the look". On Cherry Island's second hole, Steve got all of it with his driver to just fall short of carrying the 140 yard ravine. I almost suggested he hit the next one with his purse, but since I topped one to follow suit I'm glad I didn't. On the third hole Dave was talking in my back swing as I sliced one off into the 5th fairway. I'm usually fairly positive on the golf course, but as Dave hit multiple balls and they both proceeded to walk through my putting line on the next few holes, I was becoming increasingly irritated. By the turn there were two holes open in front of us and I was thinking I might be able to get back into my game if Eric an I could play ahead. At the 10th, Steve to took off his hat I noticed his shaved head. Over the next few painstaking holes, it turns out he has had a long two years and just finished chemotherapy three weeks ago. ... That sure put things into perspective. Not that it excuses Dave's lack of golf etiquette, but who gives a shit when your son is battling cancer. You never know where someone else has been, what kind of day they have had or what kind of year for that matter. God dosn't Judge us, why should we? They were just father and son out enjoying life and doing what matters most. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to end, it's about learning to dance in the rain. My hat's off and my prayers go out to David, Steven and family of Krupp Elevator. By the 16th hole I began to notice other things on the course besides my high score and was eager to get home to my wife and children.